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Disclaimer and Private Policy
At Aloha Phuket Tours, we are dedicated to providing excellent customer care. To enable us to answer your question efficiently, please gives information as much as possible when e-mail to us.

Pre-Sales Information
If you have questions about a programs you are interested in and are unable to find the information by the info links, please e-mail aloha@thai-boat.com

Order Status
If you wish to check on the progress of your order, please e-mail to aloha@thai-boat.com, state clearly questions.

Order Cancellation
Please note that we can only cancel reservation before confirmation only. If your reservation are incorrect you must contact us immediately for cancellation. Due to the nature of the program offers, we do not guarantee accept cancellation unless the original reservation are faulty or defective, in which we will re-booking them. Unwanted confirmed reservation that are return to us will only be accepted if they are re-sale able, and return to us within 14 days of confirmation dated.

Cancellation of your reservation must be sent to: aloha@thai-boat.com
or mail to Aloha Tours Ltd., Part.
44/1 Moo 5 Chalong Junction, Viset Road,
Chalong Bay,
Phuket 83130. Thailand.

Please be sure to include the following details with all return and inquiry
Your name
Your Reservation Program
Daytime telephone number
your order number
The reason for cancellation

Where appropriate, the cost of the confirm reservations cancellation are subjected to a 25% handling charge and is not refundable. These terms do not affect your statutory rights


1. How does the reservation system work?
Each program provides details of the offers available. When you have selected the one you want, simply click on the program you want. The system will work out the cost and ask you to enter your reservation details. Then you will be transferred to our bank's payment system to complete the process We will send you an e-mail by return confirming all details of your reservation. Please check this carefully and let us know if there are any amendments.

2. Once I submit the reservation is my booking confirmed?
Yes, your chosen program is confirmed once the bank clears your payment. Your card will be charged with the amount shown on the screen. If you needed, our e-mail confirmation will explain how to collect the voucher for your chosen program. Please present this to our office on arrival. We can, of course, fax the voucher to you or to the hotel for collection on arrival if you wish.

3. What about transfers?
On the program that not include transfer. We will be happy to arrange this for you.
Payment for transfer would then be made direct to our office in Phuket.

4. Is that it?
Yes. Once you make your credit card payment then your program is confirmed. And the extra services can be paid at our office in Phuket. We remain at your service should you need to contact us for any reason.


5. Will you charge the whole of my reservation to the card or just a deposit?
We will charge the whole amount for your program requested. However, if you have requested extra services such an transfer, meal etc this will not be charged and must be paid direct to our office on your arrival. The charge will appear on your card statement as a charge by Aloha Tours Ltd. Parts. in Thai Baht currency.

6. What credit cards do you accept?
Our bank accepts Visa, MasterCard and JCB Cards for on-line processing

7. What card information do you need?

Type of card - Visa / MasterCard / JCB
Your name as it appears on the card - e.g., John Smith
Your card number - e.g., 2990567854672333
Your card expiry date (mm/yy) - e.g., 09/02
The last 3 numbers on the signature strip - e.g., 224. On the reverse of your card where you sign it you will find a sequence of numbers. Our bank need the last 3 numbers only, which are unique to your card. This is an additional measure to prevent fraudulent use of credit cards.


8. Is your system secure?
Yes. Your details are encrypted before transmission to our secure server using Secure Socket Layer (known as SSL) technology. This ensures that your personal details remain confidential. In addition, we do not record, transmit or store details of your credit card - this is handled directly by our bank.

9. What about your e-mails?
We include in our e-mails to you only the minimum amount of information concerning your reservation to allow you to check it. We do NOT include ANY of your credit card details. Nor do we pass on details to the third parties. Please remember that e-mail is not a secure means of communication - so NEVER include your credit card details in an e-mail to us.


10. Are the rates per person?
The rates are per person for the join daily trip fishing program and per boat for the boat charter and/or boat rental.

11. Is meal and snack is included?
Each join daily fishing program included pack's meal and soft drink, a different policy on boat charter is offer. Check the details of the offer for specific details.


12. What if I have to cancel my reservation?
This is a on-line booking service. You should only use it when you are sure that
you are able to come on the dates you have chosen and that you have a confirmed flight. However, we do recognize that situations can arise where cancellations are
unavoidable, so we try to be as flexible as we can. Normally if you have to cancel
up to 4 days before the arrival date, we regret that there can be no refund available. Otherwise, we will refund your full payment less a small bank fee at around 3-5% and our handling fee of 20% depending on the card you used. We may be able to arrange alternative booking at a later date, but this is subject to availability and agreement.

13. Can I extend my program?
Yes, by making another booking through the system. The rates shown on this
site is only available from us. The local agent cannot normally offer the same
rate. So access the system from the hotel or a nearby Internet cafe to make
another booking and adds a comment to say that it is an extension to your existing program. Please note that bookings need to be made at least 24 hours in advance, so do not leave it too late to extend your program




Aloha Phuket Tours

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Chalong Junction Road, Chalong Bay, Phuket 83100, Thailand.
Telephone: (6676) 381 220 Facsimile: (6676) 381 592
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